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Title: Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
Author: firefly124
Pairing(s): Charlie/Jo, past Jo/Dean, mentions of Dean/Cas
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 11770
Summary: Jo’s about had it with their crappy dorm and so has Charlie. When Gabriel Novak’s Fortune 500 company offers off-campus housing and a free ride for one year to any team of two people who can successfully complete a set of challenges, she’s all for it. There’s just a couple of problems. The challenges are weird, and the stress of trying to complete them in the middle of finals is triggering some really horrifying dreams, not just for her but Charlie too. Horrifying dreams that seem entirely too real, but couldn’t possibly be. Could they?
Warnings/Kinks: canon-compliant through 10x23 including canon character deaths, fix-it fic
Link to art masterpost: http://isis-mcgee.livejournal.com/3062.html
Fic on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4799522
A/N: Please go see isis_mcgee's awesome art post and give her some love. Thank you, isis_mcgee for making such awesome art for this fic! Huge thanks, also, to laiksmarei for beta-reading despite being in the midst of Major Life Stuff (and sick). You rock, woman. Title courtesy of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's song by the same name.
Title:Someone I have Never Been (And I Have Been Everyone)
Author and Artist LJ Username: isis_mcgee
Pairing(s): Anna x Ruby
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 37.988
Summary: Anna Milton is a socialite party girl who just wants to experience everything, despite the fact that her parents have a plan for her to uphold the family image. Ruby Morgenstern is the perfect daughter who wants to help her father's business ventures on both the legitimate and illegal sides of the law. The two of them have never been close, but when Anna gets in trouble and Ruby sees the opportunity to knock the Miltons down a few pegs, she takes it. However, Ruby never expected her feelings to morph into something else entirely. A SPN Femslash Minibang for 2015 involving truth or dare, crime families, and skydiving.
Warnings: Drug use, explicit sex, non explicit sex between non-main pairing, alcohol
Link to fic masterpost: AO3
Link to art masterpost: Art
Title: You Best Believe I'm Yours
Authors LJ Username: wincechesters
Artists LJ Username: psynatural
Pairing(s): Kristen/Siobhan, Castiel/Dean Winchester (heavily discussed)
Rating: T
Wordcount: 13891
Summary: Kristen's mom would probably kill her for wasting energy on something like the school musical when she should be working on bringing her grades up and applying for colleges, but she just had to audition when she found out they were performing Supernatural for the musical this year. When she gets the part of Castiel, a character she identifies with more strongly than any other, she's never been happier—until she discovers that the actor playing Dean Winchester is none other than Siobhan, the girl she’s had a crush on for two years. Kristen’s done a good job keeping her feelings hidden, but suddenly she’s playing the part of a love-struck angel opposite the girl she’s practically in love with already, and Kristen is so totally screwed.
(Canonverse, pre-episode 10x05)
Warnings: Spoilers for S4/5, 10x05
Link to fic masterpost: AO3
Link to art masterpost: AO3

Nations of the Homeless | Masterpost

Originally posted by stigmatasam at Nations of the Homeless | Masterpost

Fic title: Nations of the Homeless
Author name: stigmatasam
Artist name: fromthatedge
Genre: angst; hurt/comfort; romance
Pairing: Claire Novak/Krissy Chambers; Jesse Turner/Claire Novak
Rating: R
Word count: 29,744 words
Warnings: major character deaths, violence, mild sexual content
Note: This is a sequel to this fic. You do not have to read that fic to completely understand this one, but I would strongly suggest it as this one will make a good deal more sense if you do.
Summary: Krissy Chambers goes to search for Claire after her disappearance after the angels fall. Jesse Turner, feeling he must do something, goes after Claire as well, the girl he’s begun to love from afar. And Claire Novak continues her vengeance on the angels, collecting their graces, while learning having so many in one place can be damaging to a vessel.
Acknowledgements: First of all, I would like to thank my amazing artist for the amazing artwork they produced for this fanfic. I am in love with all of the metaphors laced within the art as well as being thoroughly impressed with their style which fits perfectly with the fic itself.. I honestly don’t think I could’ve asked for better. I would also like to thank Brigitta for inspiring this duology to begin with and for being a constant source of support and inspiration through this. I could not have done this without you at all.
Link to fic masterpost: [livejournal]
Link to art masterpost: [tumblr]

Title: Extraordinaire
Author's LJ Username: holyhael
Artist's LJ Username: nosignofwings
Pairing(s): Hael/Claire
Rating: pg-13 (for language)
Wordcount: 19k
She doesn’t hear the woman’s footsteps, but the next thing Hael knows, the curtain is pulled back by a tall woman in patterned scrubs. Her eyes - burning, familiar - transfix Hael, and she knows.
“You’re not a nurse,” Hael says.
The woman sort of smirks. “And you’re not a human. Not really.”
Then what is she? Is she anything at all?
She feels human. She feels fear pounding against her chest, making every humid breath she takes in shallow, widening her eyes, closing up her throat. She’s never been conscious of her own mortality before; it was different with on the side of the road with Castiel - she didn’t see the blade coming. There won’t be any coming back if she dies this time.
Warnings: none
Link to fic masterpost: ao3 | tumblr
Link to art masterpost: tumblr | deviantart | livejournal
Title: BreakAway
Authors LJ Username: lyonessofavalon
Artists LJ Username: doublettea
Pairing(s): Sarah/Bela, Jess/Ruby, Sam/Jess (implied), Dean/Anna (implied)
Rating: PG/Teen
Wordcount: 12,783
Summary: Bela has been shackled to a clan of druids for ten years, working as a thief to pay off a debt. Promised her final mission, she must steal a magical item from a well-guarded castle. When she begins to fall for the princess, Bela makes a dangerous mistake. Now she must decide which is more important: her soul and her freedom or the safety of Sarah and all of Britain.
Warnings: canon typical violence, sexual harassment, implied child abuse (canon compliant)
Link to fic masterpost: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4764716
Link to art masterpost: http://doublettea.tumblr.com/post/128747318731/art-masterpost-for-the-spn-femslash-mini-bang
Title: Heaven Go Easy On Me
Authors LJ Username: whydidntigtsoup
Artists LJ Username: chromaticwish
Pairing(s): Jo/Anna
Rating: M (on AO3 scale)
Wordcount: 10,111
Summary: Jo is a lesbian who is invited to a showing of Peter Pan by a cute classmate who's playing Wendy. But when she gets to the play, she is immediately taken by the girl playing Peter. Because they always have a girl playing Peter. After the show, Jo sees the girl in an alley smoking and Jo takes the opportunity to introduce herself. The rest of the story is them spending time together and forming a romance that Jo is convinced will never happen, especially not with a bisexual girl like Anna..
Warnings: no kinks, food mention, swimming, drinking, parties, acting drama, slight biphobia
Link to fic masterpost LiveJournal
Link to art masterpost: LiveJournal | tumblr


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