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Title: Burden of Proof
Author: capricorn_child
Artist: doublettea
Pairings: Bela Talbot/Anna Milton, past Bela Talbot/Ruby, secondary Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 38k

Summary: Detective Anna Milton is part of an elite taskforce dedicated to bringing down the mafia controlling New York City. It's impossible without the help of an informant – Bela Talbot, who's in too deep with Lilith's criminal network and desperate for a way out.

Falling for Bela was never in the plan. Then again, neither was a failed sting operation that leaves Anna's idealistic young partner shot and left for dead. Lives hang in the balance, and Anna must decide who she can trust and what she will sacrifice to end Lilith's reign.

Warnings: one rape scene, allusions to canonical child abuse, canon-typical violence, alcohol, brief drug use, off-screen torture, homophobic language, minor character death.

Fic Masterpost: AO3
Art Masterpost: tumblr