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Title: A Dinner Party Murder
Authors LJ Username: huntuer
Artists LJ Username: coraliance
Pairing(s): Jo/Anna
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 11693
Summary: Anna Milton is the rebellious daughter of an old money London family: at a party hosted by one of her mother’s friends, she watches a childhood friend, Jane Charles, fall dead into her soup, poisoned.
Meanwhile, across town, Jo Harvelle is on edge: running a gay bar in the seedier parts of the city isn’t without its dangers. And now that one of her patrons (naturally, the only rich one) has been murdered, she’s worried what will happen to her and her clients if the cops are smart enough to let the clues lead them here. So, with two very different motives, the two women find themselves working together to solve a murder: taking them from the world of the London elite that Anna can navigate, to the city’s dark underbelly that Jo knows so well, discovering that Jane Charles had a lot more secrets than either of them had imagined. They also find that they make a pretty good pair, in more ways than one.
Warnings: Murder, Drug Dealing, hypothetical mentions of homophobically motivated police brutality (which does not occur,) violence equal to that on Supernatural.
Link to fic masterpost: X
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