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FAQ/ Rules updates

1. Do the rough drafts need to be complete at the time of the rough draft submission/check-in?
Yes, they must be at least 10,000 words and finished. This is not to say that you must stick to this, you can change everything if you want, as long as your artist knows. We want to insure our artists know what they are creating, and that the author will finish their story.

2. Do sudden!fem fics count, or do they always have to be females?
They do not. Both characters in the pairing must always have been, and always will be females. However Genderqueer/people who are sometimes male are acceptable.

3. Is this challenge open to everyone?
It is! There's no reason for there not to be. Anyone of any sexuality, gender, race, etc., can participate

4. Can I post to AO3 nstead of LJ?
Yes, you can! You still have to make the post in this journal on your post date, but just fill in the link with AO3. You can also post to both!

5. Do I need an LJ account?
Yes, to make the post in the journal, you need a livejournal account. You do NOT have to post it there, nor use it for any other reason. Keep in mind this also may be where your aritst/author contacts you for the first time.

6. Can I submit a story I've already written, even if its posted?
No. The entire point of this challenge is to increase the number of femslash pairing fics. You can submit a story you HAVEN'T posted though.

7. Is RPF pairing allowed?
For the 2015 round, it is!

8. Do the pairings have to be cis-gender?
It has to between two people who associate themselves with the female gender (or is genderqueer/agender/etc). Genitalia does not matter, if the character in your story believes she is a female, she is one, and therefore that makes it a femslash pairing.

9. Can my Main pairing be with an OFC?
That is strongly discouraged due to the limits it puts on who will read it, that it is not strictly an spn pairing, and it makes it really hard for an artist to create art for.

10. Does my beta have to be one from the beta claim page?
Nope! That is jsut there to help you find one!

11. Can I change pairings?
Yes! The pairing you signed up with is NOT the pairing you have to stick with!

12. Can my main pairing involve more than two characters?
Yes! Poly ships are allowed, as long as they meet the same requirments two-person ships do!

Any questions, ask here, or send them to femmibangmod@gmail.com!