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September 17th, 2015

Title: The Road to Samostan
Author's LJ Username: zubeneschamali
Artist's LJ Username: dylogger
Pairing(s): Adrianne Palicki/Genevieve Cortese
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 14,669
Summary: Genevieve is pledged to the Order of Sana, ready to make one last journey from her home to the desert monastery at Samostan to devote her life to the Creator. The road is long and dangerous, and the mercenaries who have been hired to escort her and her sisters are nothing like she expected. For one, some of them are women. And Adrianne in particular is completely unlike anyone Genevieve has ever known or even imagined could exist. It's a long road to Samostan, and a lot can happen along the way—maybe enough to make Genevieve question everything she's ever known about the world and her place in it.
Warnings: none
Link to fic masterpost: http://zuben-fic.livejournal.com/98615.html
Link to art masterpost: http://dylogger.livejournal.com/66719.html

Fragile As We Lie: Anna/Bela, 10,992 words

Title: Fragile As We Lie
Author's LJ Username: peridium
Artist's LJ Username: huntuer
Pairing: Anna Milton/Bela Talbot
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 10,992

Dragging Bela Talbot out of perdition isn't so much a decision as it is a frantic choice based on gut instinct. Her soul is bright, if fractured, and Anna yearns to do good again after the perversion of free will that immediately preceded her death.

Bela's no ordinary human, though; she's prickly and damaged and beautiful, and Anna doesn't want to leave her side. So maybe they can figure out how to navigate post-resurrection, post-Apocalypse-that-wasn't Earth together.

Warnings: Some discussion of Hell trauma.

Link to fic masterpost: ao3
Link to art masterpost: [included in the fic]