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September 16th, 2015

Title: Don't Look Back
Author: zenightmareking
Artist: dylogger
Pairing: Charlie/Jo
Rating: T
Word count: 10k+
Summary: Charlie finds herself on the streets after running away. She finds herself meeting Jo Harvelle and the two stick together as they try to survive with various bumps with life as they fall in love and fight for their lives from disease and dangerous job careers.
Warnings: Blood, mentions of illegal activities, language
Fic: AO3
Art: LJ

Drifting // Anna/Ruby

Title: Drifting
Authors LJ Username: youaregonecas
Artists LJ Username: obnoxiousamy
Pairing(s): Ruby/Anna, Dean/Cas, Jo/Charlie, previous Jo/Anna
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 18.829 words
Summary: Anna doesn’t know if she can handle it much longer. For years, she has felt broken and wrong. She’s sad and lonely. After Jo left her because she couldn’t handle Anna being asexual, there really wasn’t a lot of things left for her to live for.
And then comes Ruby, smiling and lovely Ruby. Ruby who cares and loves her.
Warnings: Mentions of suicide and suicide plans, depression, loneliness, Anna feeling broken, mentions of voluntary freezing to numb the pain, dark fic in general, asexuality, mention of questionable consent, asexual Anna, college au, disordered thought and eating, self-punishment, implied/referenced self harm, friends to lovers
Link to fic masterpost: [LJ] // [Tumblr]
Link to art masterpost: [LJ] // [Tumblr]