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Artist Signups

Signups for artists are open from May 9th to May 30th. Signups are currently CLOSED
Challenge Rules For Artists!

  1. Must create at least one piece of art/video to accompany your chosen story. Feel free to do more!

  2. Art can be of an medium, though an audiomix will not count as a piece.

  3. Art may not be posted anywhere before your posting date.

  4. All ratings are allowed, though please get your authors approval before doing any risque artwork.

  5. Artists must keep in contact with their artist and make all deadlines

  6. Artist will also provide a link to a masterpost of all their artwork, wherever it is posted to their authors. There should not be separate links for every piece.

  7. You may sign up as both an author and an artist, but please inform the mod if doing so.

  8. You must make all deadlines (check-in, posting)

  9. You need to have an LJ account to post comments/sign up for this challenge! You do not have to use it.

  10. ABSOLUTELY NOT SHIP HATE, AUTHOR HATE OR ARTIST HATE WILL BE TOLERATED. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION.Its fine not to like a piece, or leave suggestions, but do not be outright mean, these artist/authors put a lot of work into this.

In a comment below, please provide the following information:
LJ username:
(digtial or non-digital)
I agree to all rules and promise to meet all deadlines:
Would you be willing to do art for more than one story?: