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The schedule is as follows

Janurary 2nd-Janurary 26th: Author Signups
May 9th-May 30th: Artist signups
May 30th: Rough drafts are due for writers. Story needs to be 100% complete at this time, unless an extension is granted at the mods discretion. Extensions will not be given after May 30th, so please plan ahead.
June 11th: Claims go up
June 13th: Claims open up to artists
June 15th: Arists/Author pairing are announced, contact information is sent out
June 8th-15th: Author/Artist communication. *During this time, you MUST contact your artist/author.*
August 8th: Check-in day. Both artists and authors must give an idea how completed they are. Artists must submit a rough draft of one of their pieces.
August 14th: Posting Schedule announced
September 7th: Posting begins!

Any issues please send an email to femminibangmod@gmail.com