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Do All Things But Forget - Masterpost

Title: Do All Things But Forget
Author's LJ Username: wickedthoughts1
Pairings: Naomi/Abaddon, Naomi/Raphael, Dean/Castiel (Unrequited)
Rating: M
Wordcount: 27,854
Summary: When your entire existence revolves around your mission, it's important to remember what the mission really is. Or, if angels weren't meant to feel or choose, than why can they do both so passionately?
Mind Control, Memory Alteration, Brainwashing, Torture, Manipulation, Euthanasia, Suicidal Ideation, Blood, Canon-Typical Violence, Self-Harm, Vessel Consent Issues, Non-Consensual Kissing, Blasphemy, Canonical Character Death, Minor Character Death, Explicit Sex, Explicit Language, 8x17 Crypt Scene
Link to fic masterpost: ao3 |
Title: The Road to Samostan
Author's LJ Username: zubeneschamali
Artist's LJ Username: dylogger
Pairing(s): Adrianne Palicki/Genevieve Cortese
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 14,669
Summary: Genevieve is pledged to the Order of Sana, ready to make one last journey from her home to the desert monastery at Samostan to devote her life to the Creator. The road is long and dangerous, and the mercenaries who have been hired to escort her and her sisters are nothing like she expected. For one, some of them are women. And Adrianne in particular is completely unlike anyone Genevieve has ever known or even imagined could exist. It's a long road to Samostan, and a lot can happen along the way—maybe enough to make Genevieve question everything she's ever known about the world and her place in it.
Warnings: none
Link to fic masterpost: http://zuben-fic.livejournal.com/98615.html
Link to art masterpost: http://dylogger.livejournal.com/66719.html

Fragile As We Lie: Anna/Bela, 10,992 words

Title: Fragile As We Lie
Author's LJ Username: peridium
Artist's LJ Username: huntuer
Pairing: Anna Milton/Bela Talbot
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 10,992

Dragging Bela Talbot out of perdition isn't so much a decision as it is a frantic choice based on gut instinct. Her soul is bright, if fractured, and Anna yearns to do good again after the perversion of free will that immediately preceded her death.

Bela's no ordinary human, though; she's prickly and damaged and beautiful, and Anna doesn't want to leave her side. So maybe they can figure out how to navigate post-resurrection, post-Apocalypse-that-wasn't Earth together.

Warnings: Some discussion of Hell trauma.

Link to fic masterpost: ao3
Link to art masterpost: [included in the fic]
Authors LJ Username: kittyaugust
Artists LJ Username: isis_mcgee
Pairing(s): Abaddon/Deanna Winchester (fem!Dean), Anna Milton/Deanna Winchester (fem!Dean), implied/referenced past Destiel, implied unrequited Wincest.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 17,039 (3 chapters)

Two worlds, two nephilim, one angel, one demon, and one choice.

Match Made in Hell:

Deanna's life is falling apart. Her kid is the most powerful nephilim the world has ever seen and she won't be able to keep her worst secrets for much longer. Her little brother is possessed by an angel (again) and doesn't even know it. And now she’s kind of hooking up with the wannabe queen of Hell... this isn't gonna be a good day...

Heaven Sent:

In another, softer place Deanna doesn't have the Mark at all. She has a little sister with a lot of problems but she also red-haired angel in her arms and a tattoo where a darker version has the first curse. It's a place where the Men of Letters bunker has given her a home, a wife, and (thanks to a short vessel swap) a planned and wanted child. It's almost too good to be true.

This is a story about what happens when those two worlds collide.

Warnings: Major Character Death, implied BDSM, Blood play, Rule 63, Parallel Universes, Disrupted Narrative

Link to fic masterpost: AO3 (also on tumblr)
Link to art masterpost: LJ

Title: Burden of Proof
Author: capricorn_child
Artist: doublettea
Pairings: Bela Talbot/Anna Milton, past Bela Talbot/Ruby, secondary Dean Winchester/Castiel
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 38k

Summary: Detective Anna Milton is part of an elite taskforce dedicated to bringing down the mafia controlling New York City. It's impossible without the help of an informant – Bela Talbot, who's in too deep with Lilith's criminal network and desperate for a way out.

Falling for Bela was never in the plan. Then again, neither was a failed sting operation that leaves Anna's idealistic young partner shot and left for dead. Lives hang in the balance, and Anna must decide who she can trust and what she will sacrifice to end Lilith's reign.

Warnings: one rape scene, allusions to canonical child abuse, canon-typical violence, alcohol, brief drug use, off-screen torture, homophobic language, minor character death.

Fic Masterpost: AO3
Art Masterpost: tumblr

Title: A Dinner Party Murder
Authors LJ Username: huntuer
Artists LJ Username: coraliance
Pairing(s): Jo/Anna
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 11693
Summary: Anna Milton is the rebellious daughter of an old money London family: at a party hosted by one of her mother’s friends, she watches a childhood friend, Jane Charles, fall dead into her soup, poisoned.
Meanwhile, across town, Jo Harvelle is on edge: running a gay bar in the seedier parts of the city isn’t without its dangers. And now that one of her patrons (naturally, the only rich one) has been murdered, she’s worried what will happen to her and her clients if the cops are smart enough to let the clues lead them here. So, with two very different motives, the two women find themselves working together to solve a murder: taking them from the world of the London elite that Anna can navigate, to the city’s dark underbelly that Jo knows so well, discovering that Jane Charles had a lot more secrets than either of them had imagined. They also find that they make a pretty good pair, in more ways than one.
Warnings: Murder, Drug Dealing, hypothetical mentions of homophobically motivated police brutality (which does not occur,) violence equal to that on Supernatural.
Link to fic masterpost: X
Link to art masterpost: X

Internal Affairs (Meg/Abaddon)

Title: Internal Affairs
Authors LJ Username: safiyabat
Artists LJ Username: dizimart
Pairing(s): Meg/Abaddon, Sam/Cara Roberts, Past Meg/Castiel, Past dub-con Sam/Crowley
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 31,924
Summary: AU - human. When Meg's father, Captain A. Z. Azel, was taken down for corruption, her nemesis Crowley took over the major crimes unit and Meg herself was reassigned to Internal Affairs - the least respected department in San Francisco. The more things change the more they stay the same, though - Major Crimes becomes the target of competing investigations, both by the Feds (as represented by the Winchester Brothers) and a stunningly gorgeous state prosecutor by the name of Abaddon. Can Meg convince these competing investigators to work together well enough to take down her arch-rival and take down a huge human trafficking ring?
Warnings: Violence, sexual content, reference to past dubcon. This fic deals with human trafficking.
Link to fic: LJ | AO3
Link to art masterpost: here
Title: Don't Look Back
Author: zenightmareking
Artist: dylogger
Pairing: Charlie/Jo
Rating: T
Word count: 10k+
Summary: Charlie finds herself on the streets after running away. She finds herself meeting Jo Harvelle and the two stick together as they try to survive with various bumps with life as they fall in love and fight for their lives from disease and dangerous job careers.
Warnings: Blood, mentions of illegal activities, language
Fic: AO3
Art: LJ

Drifting // Anna/Ruby

Title: Drifting
Authors LJ Username: youaregonecas
Artists LJ Username: obnoxiousamy
Pairing(s): Ruby/Anna, Dean/Cas, Jo/Charlie, previous Jo/Anna
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 18.829 words
Summary: Anna doesn’t know if she can handle it much longer. For years, she has felt broken and wrong. She’s sad and lonely. After Jo left her because she couldn’t handle Anna being asexual, there really wasn’t a lot of things left for her to live for.
And then comes Ruby, smiling and lovely Ruby. Ruby who cares and loves her.
Warnings: Mentions of suicide and suicide plans, depression, loneliness, Anna feeling broken, mentions of voluntary freezing to numb the pain, dark fic in general, asexuality, mention of questionable consent, asexual Anna, college au, disordered thought and eating, self-punishment, implied/referenced self harm, friends to lovers
Link to fic masterpost: [LJ] // [Tumblr]
Link to art masterpost: [LJ] // [Tumblr]

How Sweet the Sound (Naomi/Hannah)

Title: How Sweet the Sound
Author: domesticadvs
Artist: femmechester
Pairing: Naomi/Hannah
Rating: G
Wordcount: 11134
Summary: Naomi falls. She winds up in the dirt and the mud and the chaos of Earth. She winds up human and hurting. This isn't how she wanted her redemption to go.
(post s8 divergent)
Warnings: Spoilers for s10
Link to fic masterpost: ao3
Link to art masterpost: tumblr


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